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Day 32- Rising Sun- CarboHydroM

250 plays

Day 31- Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship- Yoko Shimomura

I love this song, simply because it sounds like such a cartoon-y villain song, fitting many of the Disney badguys quite well.

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Day 30- Fate of the Unknown- Kaoru Wada

The only thing I don’t like about this song is the fact that it plays in a cutscene the only Japan got to see. Other than that, it builds up tension, it sets a dark, final confrontation mindset, and it could probably pass as movie trailer music!

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Day 29- Riku- Yoko Shimomura

I’ve already talked about Riku’s theme, but I think I need to mention that fact that it’s my favorite leitmotif, only rivaled by Xion’s.

290 plays

Day 28- Eternal Moments- Yoko Shimomura

This song is just so sweet and hopeful, it really lift’s one spirits

230 plays

Day 27- Gearing Up- Yoko Shimomura

This song is so shamelessly cheery that I can’t help but love it. It’s one of the few ridiculously bouncy songs in the soundtrack that doesn’t get annoying after five seconds, too!


Day 26- Passion on Violin and Piano

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Day 25- Fantasia alla marcia for piano, chorus and orchestra- Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Just listen. That’s all I have to say about this amazing piece. 

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Day 24- Space Paranoids- Yoko Shimomura

I have the admit, the beginning of this song is actually kinda creepy, in it’s own way. Even when it picks up in speed, it’s still a bit unnerving. Musically uncanny, maybe?

80 plays

Day 23- To our Suprise- Yoko Shimomura

Doesn’t this song just make you wanna bounce off walls? Well, that’s the effect it has on me!